Support Increased Funding for the Diversity in Medicine Programs and Scholarship in FY2020

New York faces a big physician diversity gap: underrepresented minorities (Black/African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos) make up approximately 31% of the population but only 12% of the state’s physician workforce. A lack of diversity leads to worse health outcomes for NY’s diverse residents. But this problem won’t fix itself, as barriers prevent many individuals from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in becoming doctors from pursuing their dreams. 

AMSNY’s diversity programs create opportunities for those students: 93% of students in AMSNY post-collegiate programs have entered New York state medical schools, and of those, more than 85% have gone on to become doctors. However, these programs have suffered severe cuts over the past few years. 

With help from the students in this program, AMSNY has a chance to increase our funding for the underlying programs and maintain funding for the Diversity in Medicine scholarship. Currently, AMSNY is slated to receive $1.244 million from the Governor's budget with an additional $500,000 for the scholarship from the Assembly and $500,000 from the Senate. It is important that your elected officials hear from you how important this funding is and that it must stay in the final enacted budget.

Tell your State legislator to ensure that the Diversity in Medicine Programs receive this increased funding!